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INTER-ES S.A. is a distributor and a wholesaler of computer parts and accessories. We are experiencing growth and increasing market share due to our daily combination of competitiveness, experience and professional attitude to the distribution business; that is why, INTER-ES S.A., is actually in the top 15 leading IT distributors in Poland.

INTER-ES S.A. was formed in 1990 by Piotr Ponikowski, and it was acting as a private company, INTER-ES Renata Ponikowska, focused mainly on importing computer parts from Germany and Netherlands. However, due to its continuous growth several branch Offices were established, and actually our firm counts with five (5) offices in Poland (including HQ).

In 2000 INTER-ES Renata Ponikowska was transformed into INTER-ES S.A., a public company with private shareholders. Now, we are working with more then 30 worldwide suppliers (mainly located in TW and HK), and carrying three own brand lines, for which we are looking forward for new IT business contacts with the purpose of extending our services and provide better and wider service for our customers. INTER-ES S.A. responded strongly to its resellers' demand for a single reliable source of complimentary quality products. We managed more than 2000 active accounts last year, been mostly major retailers, system integrators, high-volume dealers, and plenty of medium and small computer assemblers and resellers. And our success has been confirmed by our clients, due to last year sales climbed to the sum of more than USD$ 50 Million, reaffirming that INTER-ES S.A. is a solid, serious and stabile company.


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